As State Representative, Teresa will focus on reinvesting in our schools to lower class sizes and increase graduation rates and emphasize job training programs and apprenticeships so Oregon students are ready to enter the workforce. As the head of Oregon’s GED program, Teresa knows that college and post-high school programs, such as career and technical education and apprenticeships, are essential to students’ economic future. But too many students are graduating college with more debt than they can pay back. Teresa will fight to increase college scholarships and hold the line on tuition increases.


Teresa will put working families and small businesses ahead of corporate special interests. She’ll close tax loopholes for big out-of-state corporations so that they pay their fair share and so we can invest in education and care for our seniors. She knows small businesses are the backbone of our community and will work to help small businesses gain access to the capital they need to grow, expand, and put people back to work. And because she knows that good-paying jobs are critical for our families to thrive, Teresa will stand up for living-wage jobs, a well-educated workforce, and equal pay for equal work.


In Teresa’s family, seniors are always put first. She’ll bring that perspective with her to the legislature, prioritizing care for our seniors, so they can live out their golden years with dignity and independence. Teresa will fight to toughen penalties against elder abuse, and make sure that all Oregonians can save for a secure retirement.


Teresa is not a career politician – she’s dedicated her career to building educational opportunity for young people. She knows how important it is to elect leaders who will focus on the priorities of everyday people in our community. As State Representative, Teresa will stand up for a government that is accountable, by reducing the influence of big money in politics to ensure government spending goes toward investing in public schools, making college more affordable, and building strong job training programs so businesses can grow and Oregonians can prosper.